If you are interested in one of my puppies and want to take contact, please tell me a little bit about yourself.


Tell me at least:

-         about yourself and your experience with dogs

-         how well you know the terrier, griffon or pinscher temperament

-         about your family and where you live

-         why a Russian toy, Griffon or Affenpinscher

-         why a female/male

-    are you looking for a longhaired or smooth haired Russkiy toy or Griffon

-         what you would do with the puppy: pet, show, breeding etc.

The more you tell me about yourself the bigger is the possibility that you get an answer!


You have to take into consideration that inspite of itís size the Russian toy is still a terrier and demands more from his owner than most of the other breeds in Fci group 9. With poor hometraining you will end up with a terrorist instead of a terrier.


I donít keep book of people who asks me about puppies, nor do I keep reservation lists. Every litter is sold independently, and I put an ad on the homepage when I have puppies looking for a home. When a suitable family for a puppy turns up I sell the puppy to them. Every single puppy is very important to me and they are not sold in any reservation order, only when the puppy and the buyer seems to fit together! Every puppy is different than the others and I look for the best suitable home to every puppy separately. Even if you donít get a puppy now, there might be the right one just for you in the next litter!


The price of a puppy includes all the puppy needs for delivery in Finland. When a puppy is bought abroad and the puppy needs vaccinations or extra documents or anything else that isnít needed when I sell to Finland the extra costs will be added to the price. The puppies are delivered at the age of 8-10 weeks at the earliest.


And most important: I donít sell puppies by post order! I need to talk to the buyer by phone and meet him personally! If you wanít a puppy from me, please be prepared to travel to Finland! We can always arrange on a meeting away from our home if needed, like in Helsinki, at the airport, the harbour or maybe at a show abroad (if we are taking part in one), but I need to see you to make sure it still feels ok.


Every puppy is registered officially in the Finnish kennelunion, it has received treatment against worms at least 3 times, it has a microship and it is examinated by a veterinary. The knees and the eyes of the parents are examinated and ok, the parents have good temperament and most of them have good results from shows.


I want to keep in contact with every puppy, so I hope to receive photos and stories every now and then.


The puppies are born relatively seldom and every combination is a result of long planning, I donít make puppies only to make puppies, but to make puppies that have something to give to this breed. Everyone doesnít turn out to be a star of the shows, but I hope that at least the most promising puppies would take part in a show or two. This way I could see if the combination was a success or notÖ


Now that you have read this, if you still feel that you would like to have a puppy from me, please take contact :o)